About us

K.E.C. Ornamentals is a Dutch trading company that provides companies access to a wide range of goods and services through its extensive global network for the last 15 years.

The founder of K.E.C. Horticulture is Pierre van den Ende who takes care of the general management, business connections and world wide sourcing for floricultural and horticultural applications. Experience, know how and a world wide network are the keys to success in agriculture nowadays. A project starts with a thorough study on the competitive advantages of the region where production should take place. What should be taken in consideration are weather conditions, soil structure, water availability, infrastructure and logistics, labour and marketing. For product definition the choice can be vegatable or ornamental and will it be for local market, regional export of world wide sales. In any case K.E.C. Horticulture has the ability to supply not only the tailor made advice but moreover the suitable product in the field of floriculture as well as horticulture in most cases as seeds but also young plants. For marketing opportunities a wide network of flower and vegetable traders are linked up with us at your service.

KEC for total agricultural turn key projects!

KEC for all additional agricultural needs and equipment!

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