Tomato Greenhouse

Tomato Greenhouse Morris


Tomato – Round (hybrid F1) indeterminate

Plants are vigorous and very productive.
Medium maturity.
Fruit is globe shaped with no shoulders, very firm with very long shelf life and it weighs 140-200 gr.
If planted in 60 cm spaces within the lines, fruit size can reach up to 240 gr.
Fruit is especially tasty, with attractive red color,
Suitable for growing in early autumn, winter and spring,
Suitable for high tunnels.
Resistance: V, F1, F2, TMV and Nematode.

Tomato Greenhouse Marlow


Tomato (hybrid F1) indeterminate

Vigorous, highly productive and can be grown under average salty conditions.
Plant is medium-late in maturity.
Suitable for planting in autumn, winter, spring and early summer.
Very firm fruit with long shelf life.
Fruit shape is deep oblate and it weighs 140-200 gr.
Fruit set at low temperatures.
Resistant to: V, F1, F2, TMV, Nematode.

Tomato Greenhouse Merlin


Tomato (hybrid F1) indeterminate

Vogorous and durable plant for greenhouse.
Very productive.
Plant is medium late in maturity.
Good setting under low temperature and also medium-high temperature.
Fruits are big, deep oblong shaped and weigh 160-220 gr.
Very firm fruit with long shelf life.
Resistant: V, F1, F2, TMV, Nematode.

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